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About our Company

Company Profile

Chalk 1 Munitions, LLC is a 100% Veteran owned and operated small business that is capable of manufacturing high quality, small arms ammunition. Our ownership includes a graduate of the United States Army Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC) and Department of State certified Designated Defensive Marksman course. Years of operational experience of both owners allow Chalk 1 Munitions, LLC. to understand the importance of precision ammunition and its application. We work with top tier component and packaging distributors which provides access to top quality supplies at competitive pricing. Our mission is to provide the highest quality ammunition possible to our customers. By keeping our production rate under 40,000 rounds per month, we are able to deliver the quality and precision our customers demand.

Veteran owned and Operated

Chalk 1 Munitions, LLC was founded by two combat infantry veterans who wanted to bring their years of experience and pursuit of perfection to the ammunition manufacturing market. Our goal is to produce a product that would perform as well on the shooting range as it would in combat, and offer it at an affordable price. 

Military/Law Enforcement

We understand how important it is for members of the Military/Law Enforcement to have a consistent and reliable source of premium ammunition. Our Designated Defensive Marksman brand was designed to give Snipers and Marksmen a low-cost alternative while providing match grade accuracy- eliminating lost training time due to organizational budget constraints. We also work with the shooters to determine operational needs, and offer custom load-development, such as frangible and barrier-blind. If you or your department would like further information, please contact us

Chalk 1 Munitions, LLC. is System for Award Management Registered Federal Government Contractor