308 Winchester SUPERsonic 144 gr Lehigh Defense Flash Tip


308 Winchester

144 gr Lehigh Flash Tip

2,800 FPS @ 4,000′ elevation

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Flash Impact for the popular 308 Winchester!

Condition: FACTORY NEW
Bullet Weight: 144 Grain
Bullet Type: Lehigh Defense Flash Tip
Ammo Casing: Winchester Large Rifle Primer Brass
Ammo Caliber: .30 caliber
Quantity: 20 Rounds

This state of the art projectile utilizes a titanium tip to allow visible impacts on hard targets, at extreme distances.

Utilizing only the highest quality, AMERICAN MADE components, we offer a supersonic cartridge loaded with the Lehigh Defense 144 grain Flash Tip, with a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet-per-second. Specifically designed with the Accuracy International AE MKIII in mind, the Cartridge Overall Length is built to SAAMI specification and will fit in any .308 magazine- from AICS to the standard PMAG. Optimal stability is achieved from rifles with a 1:12″ twist or faster.

This ammunition is fully-cycling, optimized for bolt-action and semi-automatic rifle configurations.

INCENDIARY EFFECT: Use responsibly and only in areas without fire-restrictions in place.

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